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Your newest AI teammate is ready to venture into the world and build relationships with students — from prospect to enrollment.

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Say hello to your AI Recruiter 🤝 and say goodbye 👋 to generic Search funnels

Your AI Recruiter is your newest team member, dedicated to working 1-on-1 with all of your leads from prospect to enrolled — completely on your behalf.


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Train your own AI Recruiter effortlessly so that it represents your school like a team member.


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No matter the source, your AI Recruiter can handle a caseload of hundreds of thousands.


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Your AI Recruiter will reach out, build relationships, and guide students on their journey to you.

Capable of connecting with students across any medium. For starters:

call Phone
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Your AI Recruiter proactively builds relationships with every student in your funnel on your behalf

Reach any of your students

Simply upload your existing prospect list or define your ideal class profile. No matter the source, watch your AI autonomously take each student down their ideal journey to enrollment.

Give 1-1 attention to everyone (even your prospects)

Watch AI recruit on your behalf

Like a member of your staff, your AI Recruiter will introduce themselves to your students, building strong 1-on-1 relationships to guide students to your school.

Your AI Recruiter can work with students across multiple communication channels like phone, email, mail, SMS, and more.

Start delighting your students now

Marvel as your AI improves

Your AI recruiter will dynamically adapt strategies to suit individual preferences. Over time, your AI learns how to better treat each student, getting more effective at recruiting for your school.

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